Fall 2018: Performances of “als ein licht”/extensio and “in allem frieden” at the Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany
(Photography: Christian Hostettler)

Spring 2019: Workshop on kommen - gehen with the Ensemble Junge Musik Magdeburg (conductor: Finn Wiersig) and the Ensemble Mosaik Berlin (conductor: Stephan Winkler)
(Photography: Kathrin Singer)

If I had to choose a contemporary artist who expresses visually what I attempt to express with sounds, time, and space, it would be Michael Grossmann from Munich, Germany (About/Projects):

These images are part of the Stabat Mater project by Michael Grossman which I am involved in.

I met sculptor Daren Kendall at a residency at Arts, Letters, and Numbers. These images reflect what I hope to be our first collaboration.